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Florida State University

2525 Pottsdamer Street
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Brief presentation of the institution

One of the nation's elite research universities, Florida State University — with the Carnegie Foundation's highest designation, Doctoral/Research University-Extensive — offers a distinctive academic environment built on its cherished values and unique heritage, welcoming campus on the oldest continuous site of higher education in Florida, championship athletics, and prime location in the heart of the state capital.

Combining traditional strength in the arts and humanities with recognized leadership in the sciences, Florida State University provides unmatched opportunities for students and faculty through challenging academics, cultural discovery and community interaction.

Underlying and supporting the educational experience at Florida State University is the development of new generations of citizen leaders, based on the concepts inscribed in our seal: Vires, Artes, Mores — Strength, Skill and Character.

Epitomized by recently named Rhodes Scholars Garrett Johnson and Myron Rolle — elite athletes and scholars committed to public service — and Joseph O'Shea — a campus and community leader as well as a top scholar — Florida State's 40,000 students are dedicated to academic excellence and providing leadership in our complex world.

Florida State University's 16 colleges offer more than 275 undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, professional and specialist degree programs, including medicine and law, covering a broad array of disciplines critical to society today. Each year the University awards over 2,000 graduate and professional degrees.

With its impressive breadth of leading graduate, professional and undergraduate programs, Florida State University is a demanding, intellectually stimulating, yet warm and caring environment for students and faculty. Recognized nationally for its commitment to diversity, Florida State University is a national leader in the number of doctorates awarded to African-American students and in the graduation rate of African-American undergraduates. Its College of Medicine and College of Law are ranked in the nation's Top 10 for Hispanic students.

Florida State University's arts programs — dance, film, music and theatre — rank among the finest in the world, offering an arts education comparable to leading conservatories. Its creative writing program is ranked among the nation's best and is home to the most consistently honored and published student body in the United States. Florida State is responsible for governance of the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art and associated arts programs, one of the largest museum/university complexes in the nation.

Other programs consistently included in the top public university list include physics, chemistry, political science, psychology, criminology, public administration, library science, information, human sciences, business and law.

At the Ph.D. level, interdisciplinary programs draw on notable research faculty strengths that transcend the traditional disciplines, including neuroscience, molecular biophysics, computational science, materials science and research at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory—home to the world's most powerful magnets.

Main Plasma with liquids related topics

The major focus of our research on electrical discharge processes is directed towards environmental, biomedical, and energy applications. The major objectives are to develop a fundamental understanding of the plasma chemical processes occurring in electrical discharge plasma in multiphase environments, particularly in gas-liquid (water) systems. We are currently focusing on the fundamental aspects of the design, chemical analysis, and operation of plasma reactors with water aerosol spray. This work is currently supported by the National Science Foundation.

Main Plasma with liquids related research techniques and equipment

Laboratory instrumentation:

Gas Chromatography - Mass Spectrometer

Gas Chromatography

Total organic carbon analysis

NMR (through collaboration in Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Emission spectroscopy

High speed camera

Brief information on available facilities related to Plasma with liquids

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  • Green chemical route to the small scale production of hydrogen peroxide
    Project type: National
    Funding: IIP 1402248
  • Reaction Processes in Organic Droplet Spray Plasma Reactors
    Project type: National
    Funding: CBET 1236225


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